About Drew


Hmm, there is so much for me to say. However, it is not ABOUT me

but rather ABOUT YOU. You are the people who have inspired me.

You, my friends, my family. When you ask a musician to write an

“ABOUT”, bet your buttons it will include a legion of others. That is

simply the nature of the musical art form.

This is a small collection of work, which evolved while being around

my friends who became family and my family who became friends.


I wrote a song, then another, then another while taking you along

with me on this sacred highway whether you knew it or not. It was a

journey of joy and anguish. Soon I understood that my small little

world was a collection of songs that gave me something to live for

because I was around you, my friends and family. You are the very

people who I inhale and exhale every day that give me my life force.

It became a way of surviving certain periods as my skin opens with

the sweat that connects my need to be useful and my need to be

creative that was way beyond myself.

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to the most creative and most

talented musicians with whom I have the privilege of working. My

Brothers, The Music Mafia, Ettore Roccatani, and Sergio Lepidio.

There is not a day that passes when I don’t give thanks to you both

for your boundless creative input and invaluable musical talent.

Damn you guys are good!!!

A very special thanks to my fellow musicians Phil Skiba,

Chris“Christo”Amelar, John “Big Daddy Director” Eccher, Bobby

Harden, Luciano Cocco, Steve “Exxon” Valdez, Gareth “ The Rev”

Hall, Andrea Ricci, Eric Smith, Richard and Ron Brown, Royce

Peterson, Rolando Berlardoni, Hayley Harrington, Brooke Howard,

Marlin “The Marl” Slutsky, Scott Hamilton, Paul Handleman, Darko

Jelesic, Cliff Lyons, and Russell Kiernan.

I want to acknowledge the greatest of love and family a person may

ever know. The lovely and talented Georgia Thomas, Curt “The

Cosmic Falcon” Fairhurst, Claire “The Golden One” Alessandri, Lou

“The Wild Dog” Alvarez, Tina “Mia Sorella” DiMare, Fran “Frano”

Pierce, Dev Dev Villa, Brian “Made Of Iron” Dyer, Becca “ The Band

Mom”, Claire Munday, Roberto “11 Bar Blues” Evangelista,

Fernando “FFF” Rey, Seth Greenspan, Jesse “The Photographer”

Winter, Greg “The Great” Wendt, The boys at Motel Room Studios,

Jesse “The Tree House” Fairbairn, Jackie Weisberg, Josh “The Bean

Stalk” Weisberg and my friends and coworkers at ScharffWeisberg.

A warm embrace to Chris, Danny, Vance and Dean DiCamillo. Also

my dad Livio DiCamillo ,although an enigma, apparently responsible

for my musical DNA.

I am also infinitely grateful to my mama who upon first notice, I was

even remotely interested in the bass, immediately signed me up for

lessons. Grazie Milli Mama….